Introducing the 17th Biennial Congress of the Metastasis Research Society (August 1-5, 2018)

The Metastasis Research Society (MRS) is a non-profit, international professional society. We are open to membership by scientists, clinicians, and members of the metastatic community at large including patients, that share our mission to support progressive research on processes fundamental to cancer metastasis with the goal of improving metastatic patient outcomes. This includes supporting the exchange of information between researchers, clinicians, industry, and patients globally.  We realize this mission in part by organizing an international Biennial Congress on cancer metastasis every two years, alternating the location between Eastern and Western hemispheres.  Our congresses have been recognized by the cancer research field for scientific excellence for over thirty years, and have been including an associated Young Investigator Satellite Meeting to support young investigator career development since 2014.

All members of the MRS (including scientists, clinicians, patients and more) receive a discount on Congress registration. Click here to join the MRS as a member and receive exclusive benefits in return.

Overview of the Congress and Young Investigator Satellite Meeting

The agenda for the main Congress includes a Keynote presentation (August 1st), podium presentations from invited speakers, those selected for plenary presentation from abstracts and MRS award recipients, multiple poster sessions, patient advocacy panel discussions, a “Meet the Journal Editors” session, networking events for established and early career investigators, and the full-day Young Investigator Satellite Meeting (YISM) on August 1st.  The YISM includes a young investigator keynote speaker, a career development seminar, a roundtable style “Meet the Professors” mentoring session, and an educational technical session in addition to 12 presentations from young investigator speakers selected from submitted abstracts.  Registration for the YISM is included in Congress registration, and all Congress attendees are encouraged to attend.


Goal and Scope of the 17th Biennial Congress

The goal of the 4.5-day 17th Biennial Congress is to assemble leadership in the field of metastasis research and treatment and today’s most promising young investigators in a setting where they can together discuss experimental and clinical information known about metastasis and focus on elucidating new opportunities for more effective intervention strategies. We will highlight the state of metastasis research today and drive future breakthroughs. 

The scope of Congress will include biology, basic and translational research, clinical trials, methodologies, big data, patient impact, and policies.  This Congress is unique as it will include over 60 speakers presenting research ranging from single-cell analyses through in-patient clinical studies all focused on metastasis. 



  • Input from a scientifically and geographically diverse International Congress Organizing Committee and the MRS Board of Directors will ensure non-redundant new cutting-edge information is presented. 
  • More than half of >60 speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts that are inclusive of timely unpublished data from around the world.
  • The Congress will remain relatively small, capped at ~400 attendees, to maintain an intimacy conducive to collaboration building and discussion, and to facilitate problem solving from multiple and innovative angles amongst disciplines.
  • The congress will cover a unique breadth of clinical and experimental topics related entirely to cancer metastasis.
  • Some participants such as the mathematician, Dr. Franziska Michor, conduct research in areas outside of metastasis as a focus and will bring new insights to the field.

Target Audience

  • Students, medical residents, postdocs, clinicians, researchers (academic and industry), and research staff who focus on cancer metastasis.
  • Patients are also welcome and patient MRS members will receive the same discount on Congress registration as scientist/clinician members



Members of the International Congress Organizing Committee: Dihua Yu, MD, PhD, (MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA) - MRS President-elect and Congress Co-Chair, Dr. Yibin Kang, PhD (Princeton University, USA) – MRS President and Congress Co-chair, Dan Landau, MD, PhD (Cornell, USA), Thomas Brabletz, MD (University of Erlangen, Germany), David Lyden, MD, PhD (Cornell, USA), Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, PhD (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA), Pere Puigserver, PhD (Harvard, USA), Ashani Weeraratna, PhD (Wistar Institute Melanoma Research Center, USA), Mikala Egeblad, PhD (Cold Spring Harbor Labs, USA), Salvador Aznar Benitah, PhD (Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain), Eirk Sahai, PhD (Francis Crick Institute, UK)  and Jedd Wolchok, MD, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering, USA).

The Young Investigator Satellite Meeting is being organized by the Early Career Leadership Council of the MRS, lead by Dr. Thomas Cox.