Who are MRS members: We are a community of stakeholders in cancer metastasis research!

Since 1984, the Metastasis Research Society (MRS) has been an international professional society of researchers, clinicians, clinician scientists, and members of industry who are dedicated specifically to solving the problem of cancer metastasis. In 2017, the MRS expanded membership to include metastatic patients, caregivers, family members, and friends.  Members of the metastatic community also now have the option to participate actively in the MRS and lend their voices to the development and execution of patient-centered metastasis research grants/projects through our Supporting Member directories that are accessible upon consent to approved Scientist/Clinician members.


Why Join?

It is a win-win! As a member you will receive exclusive benefits, and in turn your membership fee will support patient-centered metastasis research and treatment worldwide. 


Welcome to our Membership Categories

Note: In order to maintain "active" status and receive member benefits, members must pay annual or biennial dues depending on whether the one- or two-year membership option is chosen. Registration for student membership must be accompanied by proof of the member's student academic status.  Emails of screen shots/scanned documents demonstrating anticipated graduation dates or verifying student enrollment at an institution should be emailed to metastasis.research@gmail.com.  Due to an international internet firewall, potential members attempting to join or re-join the MRS from within China must coordinate membership via email to metastasis.research@gmail.com.

MRS Scientist/Clincian Membership Choices

* Graduate/Undergraduate Student (one or two years) is open to individuals currently enrolled as a student in an educational program who are working toward a degree. This includes undergraduate students, graduate students, and medical students.

Student Membership 1-year  $50 (Register/Renew)

Student Membership 2-year $85 (Register/Renew


* Research Staff Membership (one or two years) is open to professionals in metastastatic cancer research who are not at the level of a senior research scientist or clinician.  This role is for research assistants, lab technicians, lab managers, medical technicians, medical assistants, etc. who work in industry, academia, and/or health care.

Research Staff Membership  $75 (Register/Renew)

Research Staff Membership $125 (Register/Renew)


* Postdoctoral Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals who currently have an appointment as a postdoctoral fellow and are actively engaged in the field of metastasis research.

Postdoc Membership 1-year  $75  (Register/Renew)

Postdoc Membership 2-year $125 (Register/Renew


* Medical Resident Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals who have completed medical school and are participating in a resident training program, and who are actively engaged in the field of metastasis research and/or treatment.

Medical Resident Membership 1-year  $75 (Register/Renew)

Medical Resident Membership 2-year $125 (Register/Renew


* Senior Scientist Membership (academia and/or industry; one or two years) is open to scientists and clinician scientists (whose primary role is research) that have an appointment as a principal investigator, assistant research professor, research professor, lecturer, or associate research professor at an academic institution or perform metastasis research for industry.  This role also applies to statisticians, data scientists, pharmacists, and entrepreneurs involved in metastatic cancer research and product development. 

Senior Scientist Membership 1-year  $105  (Register/Renew)

Senior Scientist Membership 2-year $165 (Register/Renew


* Senior Clinician Membership (one or two years) is open to clinicians and clinician scientists with a medical degree such as an M.D. or a nursing degree who treat metastatic patients and who may or may not also perform metastasis research.

Senior Clinician Membership 1-year  $105 (Register/Renew)

Senior Clinician Membership 1-year $165 (Register/Renew


* Past President Membership (one or two years) is open to past-presidents of the MRS only to honor their great contributions to the society.  

Past President Membership 1-year  $50 (Register/Renew)

Past President Membership 2-year $80 (Register/Renew



MRS Supporting Membership Choices

We realize that many affected by metastatic cancer will fall into more than one Supporting Member category.  Please choose the category you most closely identify with.

* Patient Membership (one or two years) is open to metastatic cancer patients.  Patients do not have to be stage IV specifically to be considered metastatic.

Patient Membership 1-year  $30 (Register/Renew)

Patient Membership 2-year $55 (Register/Renew


* Family Membership (one or two years) is open to individual family members of a metastatic cancer patient(s).

Family Member Membership 1-year  $30  (Register/Renew)

Family Member Membership 2-year $55 (Register/Renew


* Caregiver Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals who care for a metastatic cancer patient(s).

Caregiver Membership 1-year  $30 (Register/Renew)

Caregiver Membership 2-year $55 (Register/Renew


* Friend Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals who are friends of a metastatic cancer patient(s).

Friend Membership 1-year  $30  (Register/Renew)

Friend Membership 2-year $55 (Register/Renew


* Other Membership (one or two years) is open to any individual who wishes to support patient-centered metastasis research and treatment by joining the MRS, and does not fit the description of any of the categories above.

Other Membership 1-year  $30 (Register/Renew)

Other Membership 2-year $55 (Register/Renew